A is for Aset Oracle

"Creation begins, and Life is born. All new. Pure. Golden white, rising pure out of the Nun. Words are pure as water. Words can drown and bury, or raise into life.
You can choose this: the building, or the burying; the rising, or the drowning."
- Aset Oracle Year 19 -Tamara Siuda - Nisut Hekatawy I

After the very spiritual and positive year of Zep Tepi, came the year of Ptah and creation to rebuild on what Zep Tepi had razed.
Unfortunately for me, I allowed my plot of land to become a morass and I drowned in it and let the mud settle gently over my head.

Setting aside this rather grim imagery, the first few months of Year 19 started out pretty good. I bought and moved to my own place a few months earlier and was settling in a new routine, I made new friends and loved KO. The year of Ptah started out with something I had looked for a long time, a new job and everything seemed set to become a year of growing lush green things.

My sad personal story of the disastrous Year 19Collapse )

A new beginning can be very positive, razing old things to the ground and starting afresh from zero but you've got to be ready for it. I wasn't prepared for things to go wrong the way they did and as I was without a safety net at that point, I fell deeply into a black pit and everything - including my faith - was left by the wayside.
The danger of tilling new fields, while the rich new earth can bring forth strong new growth, it can also be the host to multiple dormant diseases and dangers.
With much work, I’m finally finding seedlings taking root and –with some luck and blessings from Ptah – they’ll shoot up strong.

“Hail O Ptah, Architect of the Universe, who creates life by dreaming it. O
Ptah, the Supreme & Eternal One, Creator of Toth who created Time, Father of all
creation. Homage unto you, Lord of Shadows, patron god of artists & craftsmen,
may you be at peace when your eternal boat arrives.”

A is for Amun

My interest in Amun began due to two reasons.
First of all, I was divined as a Beloved of Mut, so the connection via His Heavenly Wife was automatically there. Which, in general I might call irrelevant as I have no connection whatsoever to Geb even though He is the Husband of my Mother Nut.

Secondly, I blame Pauline Gedge. If you don't yet know who she is, she is the author of a series of historical novels set in Ancient Egypt and they're stunning. When I read them, I feel as if I'm there, living with the people, worshipping alongside them. She writes the religion completely intricate with daily life -as it was - without comment or criticism. It's truly a thing of beauty. Anyway. As she often writes about the Kings and Queens of yore, she references the Deities attached to these figures the most, Amun therefore turns up a lot in her books.
The love the characters have for Him influenced my feelings for Amun and I grew interested in learning more about Him.

It seemed that Amun did not mind my curiosity either and He graciously allowed me in His presence. Even more, when I really wanted to find a statue of Him to place on my shrine, he guided me to a find in a second-hand shop where I obtained an image of Him (pure Amun, not Amun-Ra) for free. I took it and still take it as a sign from Amun that my worship of Him is welcome and appreciated.

My practice for the moment is basically non-existent due to health issues mainly, and a post-move slump secondly.

Then again, my worship of Amun is rather detached in any case as He is neither my Parent nor one of my Beloveds and He doesn't seem to want much from me, which suits me. He's part of the three Names that I honor outside of my lineup and with them receives incense and a lit candle and cool water. I usually don't offer to Them, but I might do so on Wep Ronpet.

What is Amun to me?

Supreme kingship and an almost-Buddha like serenity. He is wise, calm, strong. He is martial, but not blood-thirsty; He fights when He has to protect Kemet and its people. For me, He is the original God of the Pharaohs and of Kemet, before Amun-Ra, in His pure essence. He is the heat, the sun, the sand, rocks and soil. He is both Kemet and the Royal Ba, the breath and the life, the protective hand and the defensive arm.
He is very silent and removed for me but he exudes kindness, dignity and wisdom like a true king should.

Oh Lord to the Limit, Rich of Names, Divine Judge who protects the humble and is seated on the Thrones of the Two Lands, You who upholds Ma'at, Divine God Who came in to Being alone, You who gives Breath to he who lacks it; my heart has been filled by You, I have placed You in my heart, for I know Your Name

Amun to the right in gold

Diviniversary pics

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This is getting ridiculous

There are days when my personal antennae must be tuned in just right to receive Netjer's transmissions. I don't know if I want it to happen more ofther or not, but every time it does happen I enjoy it immensely.

I got God-bothered again today. I was driving home when I 'got the call'
Me: *singing along to radio* ♫It's got to be-e-e-e-e perrrrfect ♪
Netjer: Second-hand store. You should go. Turn here and go.
Me: ♪ It's got to be-e-e-e-e wor....♫ What?
Netjer: Go. To. The. Shop.
Me: Really? Now? But I'm off early and I want to go home.
Me: turning......

To make a long story short, I found all of this for a total of 5€ ($3.5). 

That is Heru-Wer, right?

This is the same store I found a free Amun just when I was intensively searching for one.
Life is weird with Netjer in it. I wouldn't want it any other way.
Dua Netjer!

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Writer's Block: What's been seen can’t be unseen
What is your LEAST favorite movie of all time, and why?

Troy. It made the Iliad lover in me foam at the mouth. I raged and raged at that piece of shit.

arts and crafts
After searching the internet far and wide for a statue I could use for Nut and considering many beautiful crownless Asets, I finally gave up and was guided to the hobby store to pick up clay and paints and make one myself.
I'm planning to have Her enthroned wearing her vase headdress. I may leave Her nude but if not, I'll paint Her skin azure blue and give Her a golden-speckled dress.
I'm still working on details and sketches but I want it to be done by Wep Ronpet. 
It also seems that I may have to build my own Kar shrine, I can't seem to find anything suitable anywhere. Sigh. I'm not a crafter, I have two left hands.

(no subject)
It's beginning to look like Netjer will be more demanding of me in the new year. Right now I'm working on putting together a Kar shrine for Nut, assembling my own prayerbook/BoS, creating a travel shrine and writing a feasable morning rite.
I've also been slowly assembling some items for Wep Ronpet, some gifts for Netjer etc, and looked around on Etsy to order some quality Kyphi....
Netjer: "Make it yourself"
Sekhenet: "Make it my....are You insane?"
Netjer: "the recipe in the prayerbook looks fairly easy"
Sekhenet:"I am NOT making Kyphi...yeah, it does look doable"
Netjer: *whistles innocently*
Sekhenet:: "Oh well, I can't get all those resins and stuff at reasonable prices anyway."
Google: *pops up with perfect site*
Netjer: *sniggers*
Sekhenet:: You realise I'm probably going to burn down the house, I've never tried anything like this before.
Netjer: You'll be fine. *pat pat pat*
Sekhenet: *weeps quietly*
This is going to be an unmitigated disaster, I'm sure of it. I ordered all the resins and herbs and stuff, but I have no idea what I'm going to do with them. Can resins be ground into powder?! If all fails, can I just put all ingredients on alcohol and make a sort of Kyphi perfume?! Ot put them on oil? How do I keep oil from turning rancid? ARGH!
*deep breath*
*deeper breath*
Netjer: *whispers*


The last couple of days, I've been putting away stray shopping carts together with my own, literally.

And I'm compiling my own Kemetic prayer book to take along when I travel as unfortunately, I can't drag my entire library everywhere.

By the time of my Diviniversary, I want to have a Kar shrine set up for Nut and a morning and evening ritual ready. After the message She gave me, I know I have to completely reconnect to Her and dedicate myself to Her worship and get back to daily Senut.

Also, Wep Ronpet is coming closer, got to get my home celebration planned! Yay!

Some thoughts I received during a Reiki session

My beloved daughter, you're getting too scattered. All you need is Senut, Wep Ronpet and Me. You don't need to honour other gods, we are all part of netjer, if I love being a part of Netjer, than all of Netjer and its names will love you. Through worship of me, you worshîp all of Netjer, loving me is loving Netjer. and as I love you as you are my daughter, all of Netjer love you in their own way. We are just selfish and enjoy creating our children as a special part of us.
As you love all of Netjer through me, there is no need for you to burden yourself with every God you are interested in, we love you anyway. Your parent is the most important part of you, I have created you, I loved you so much that I wanted to see you brought to life. All that you are comes through me. Respect your beloveds, after I created you, they volunteered to help you walk through life becasue they believe in you and care for you. You are special, You are loved.

Mother, my mother, let me lay my head in your lap, your dress is soft, the gold stitching scratches my faces, you hair braids are fine and soft, your scent is sweet and comforting, your arms rest around me. I'm in your arms, in your heart, you're in my soul. You remove your headdress and we dance around the fire together, women sing. You bring me to Egypt, the heat is tremendous, I dream I yearn to have been there, to have lived through its power to have lived in the love of the gods, to have believed from birth. You hold me close and comfort me.

It was a message I needed to hear, it left me emotional and happy and peaceful.

(no subject)
Through my relationship with my Beloved Mut and due to the influence of a book which shows the heroes' relationship with Him, I've been interested in Amun for a while now. I've been  looking everywhere for a statue I truly like and hesitated between a plumeless Amun, a plumed Amun-Ra, an Amun ram and an Amun-Ra criosphinx and could not make up my mind at all. On top of that most of those statues are damned expensive and dear to ship to lil' ole' Belgium. I was extremely tempted today and did buy some Plastoys of some Names but I didn't get to actually buying an Amun type statue, I just put it on my Ebay watchlist.

This afternoon, I went to the second hand shop (Troc International) to find a coffeetable and a kitchenlamp I'd seen on their website. The lamp is a flashy 70's orange flowershaped monstrosity that I adore and the coffeetable is a retro mosaic/forged iron fun thing. Picked up a vase and a sake set for Senut too and I thought I found some lovely offering bowls but apparantly left them at the counter. :(   They didn't bill me for them, but I liked them. 
While passing a shelf stuffed full of crap, I laughingly started saying to myself "heh, maybe I'll find something...." and then I seemed to get a tap on my head and a "LOOK OVER HERE" and I looked and there He was. Amun Himself. Gold, plumed, tall and beautiful. No Ra about Him, pure Amun.
I laughed, I cried a little inside and I still can't believe it. and you want to know the best, as there was no price on it, I got it for free. I know with the full knowledge of my heart, soul and ka that that statue was there for me, waiting. Netjer provides because Netjer loves. 
I love Them. Dua Netjer, Dua Amun!!
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