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Epagomenal Days - Dua Nebt-Het

Dua Nebt-Het

Glory to your beautiful face
Nebt-Het the Great,
Mistress of the District of the Gazelle,
the Purifier, the Resplendent,
who rules at Pi-Khnum.
The Great, the Most Excellent,
dwelling in the Beautiful Country-
the abode of Her brother Wesir,
who comes to life again in Her,
She who renews for Him the body that once was,
in Her name of "Renewing of Life",
Guardian of the wellbeing of the God
for His own ka.
Glory to you, Kheresket the Great,
Daughter of Ra,
who unites Herself to Ma'at the Great,
Beloved of Set
Mistress of the Two Lands.
It is the venerable Mistress of the Two Lands;
the Great Lady of the House of Amun.

-From the Hymn to Nephthys from Komir Temple.


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