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Epagomenal days: Feast of Nebt-Het

Prayer for Nebthet.

Quiet Lady of the House,
Beautiful of Face, Mistress of the West,
as you strip away the old year’s life
and prepare the new year for its birth,
may you guard our journey to Zep Tepi.
May you walk with us in peace,
silently blessing us with each moment,
protecting us like You protect Your brother.
Dua Nebthet! Nekhtet!

Epagomenal days: Feast of Aset

A Prayer For Aset Luminous
by Sobekemiti, 5/7/2009

Hail to You, Aset, Great of Magic!
Hail to You, Great Mother!
All praise to You now, in Your many Names,
As we light the way for You.

Mistress of Magic,
Embrace Your children,
May our prayers be heard across the world.
May You answer us, Great Mother.
May we serve You, Great Lady.

Light shines across the world,
Bright and shining like You, Aset.
You who makes the world tremble.
Great Lady, Great Mother, Great of Magic.
All Hail to You, Aset Webenut!

Epagomenal days: Feast of Set
I praise the Son of Nut, I worship His majesty
I exalt the Lord of Heaven.
Adoration be to Set!
O Powerful One, breath of Life
Lord of the Seven Stars,
All hail and jubilation to You!
Heaven rests upon your hands, the earth is under your feet.
What you command, takes place.
May you bless me with like and strength and health!
O Dark One, Thunderer, Chosen of Ra!
Strong One who destroys the serpent, Feared One!
O Set, powerful of magic in driving away enemies.
I revere you, Set, Lord of the Winds!
O Defender of the Netjeru throughout the sky and earth,
in the south, the north, the west, the east,
in each land, in each place
where your powerful voice thunders forth!
Heaven makes merry, the earth is filled with life
Set rejoices!
- Eternal Egypt

Epagomenal Days : Feast of Heru-Wer
Song for Heru-wer
© 2011 Natalie Baan
O Heru-wer on high,
great master of the sky,
with vigilance Your gaze protects our nation.
An end to all our pain
and justice in Your name —
You lift our hearts and lead us toward salvation.
Speckled Falcon, You are pure.
Everywhere You are is pure.
Heru-wer, Your ka is pure.
Heru-wer, may we be pure,
pure in thought and word and deed,
open hands for all in need.
As long as the sky endures,
Heru-wer, may we be pure!

Epagomenal Days : Feast of Wesir

Adoration of Osiris Wen-Nefer, the great god in Abydos,

king of eternity, lord of infinity, passing through millions of years as his lifetime,

first son of the womb of Nut, begotten of Geb,

chief, great lord of the Double Crown of Egypt, exalting the White Crown of the South.

O prince of gods and men, you have received the crook and flail, and the office of the fathers, and your heart is glad in the Mountain [of Amentet].

Your son Horus is established on your throne, and you are crowned in Busiris as ruler in Abydos.

You make the Two Lands to flourish by truth of voice in the presence of Neb-er-djer.

He has drawn forth those who have not come into being in his name of "The Earth Is Drawn to Him;" he tows the Two Lands in truth in his name of "Seker."

He is greatly powerful, great of fear in his name of "Osiris;" his existance is for 120 eternities in his name of "Wen-Nefer."

Homage to you, king of kings, lord of lords, ruler of rulers,

who has taken the Two Lands from the womb of Nut; he rules the lands of Igert.

His limbs are silver; his head is lapis lazuli; the crown of his head is turquoise.

Iwen of millions of years, wide of skin, beautiful of face in the Holy Land,

you give glory in heaven, strength on earth, and truth of voice in the underworld,

and the power to sail north to Busiris as a living soul, to sail south to Abydos as a phoenix, and to enter and exit without opposition at any door of the underworld.
- The Papyrus of Ani, Ch.15

Epagomenal Days - Dua Nebt-Het

Dua Nebt-Het

Glory to your beautiful face
Nebt-Het the Great,
Mistress of the District of the Gazelle,
the Purifier, the Resplendent,
who rules at Pi-Khnum.
The Great, the Most Excellent,
dwelling in the Beautiful Country-
the abode of Her brother Wesir,
who comes to life again in Her,
She who renews for Him the body that once was,
in Her name of "Renewing of Life",
Guardian of the wellbeing of the God
for His own ka.
Glory to you, Kheresket the Great,
Daughter of Ra,
who unites Herself to Ma'at the Great,
Beloved of Set
Mistress of the Two Lands.
It is the venerable Mistress of the Two Lands;
the Great Lady of the House of Amun.

-From the Hymn to Nephthys from Komir Temple.

Epagomenal Days - Dua Aset
family photo

Dua Aset

Praise to you, Aset, the Great One, God’s mother, Lady of Heaven, Mistress and Queen of the gods.

You are the First Royal Spouse of Wesir,

The Bull, The Lion who overthrows all his enemies, The Lord and ruler of eternity.

 Praise to you, Aset, the Great One, God’s mother, Lady of Heaven, Mistress and Queen of the gods. 

You are the First Royal Spouse of Wesir,

One who protects her brother and watches over the weary-of heart.

 Praise to you, Aset, the Great One, God’s mother, Lady of Heaven, Mistress and Queen of the gods.

 O Aset, the Great, God’s mother, lady of Philae, God’s Wife, God’s Adorer and God’s Hand,

God’s mother and Great Royal Spouse, Adornment and Lady of the Ornaments of the Palace. 

Lady and desire of the green fields, Nursling who fills the palace with her beauty,

Fragrance of the palace, mistress of joy, Who completes her course in the Divine Place. 

Rain-cloud that makes green the fields when it descends, Maiden, sweet of love, Lady of Upper and Lower Egypt,

Who issues orders among the divine Ennead, According to whose command one rules. 

Princess, great of praise, lady of charm, Whose face enjoys the trickling of fresh myrrh.

From the Temple of Aset at Philae--translations by Louis Zabkar in Hymns to Isis in Her Temple at Philae:

Epagomenal Days: Dua Set
family photo


He is the great God who carries away the soul,
Who eats hearts and who feeds upon offal,
the guardian who is in the darkness,
the guardian of the Seker boat.
Who is this then? It is Set; it is the soul of Geb.

Epagomenal Days: Dua Heru-Wer
family photo

Oh Distant One of dappled plumage
Lord of Edfu, who opened His eyes to dispel chaos and darkness
Homage to You, Heru-wer
Praise to Him who hears prayers
that He may let mine eyes behold my way to go.

Epagomenal Days - Dua Wesir
family photo
Let me just check if I wrote that correctly...Epagomenal days or the Five Days out of Time in which we celebrate the birth of the children of Nut, starting with Wesir!

File:Egyptian - Osiris, Lord of the Dead - Walters 22207 - Three Quarter.jpg
"Geb's heir of the kingship of the Two Lands. Seeing His worth, Geb gave it to Wesir. To lead the lands to good fortune. He placed this land into His hand. Its water, its wind, its plants, all its cattle, all that flies, all that alights, its reptiles and its desert game, were given to the son of Nut, and the Two Lands are rejoicing !"
Great Hymn to Osiris, New Kingdom, stela C286 - Louvre.