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Epagomenal days: Feast of Set
I praise the Son of Nut, I worship His majesty
I exalt the Lord of Heaven.
Adoration be to Set!
O Powerful One, breath of Life
Lord of the Seven Stars,
All hail and jubilation to You!
Heaven rests upon your hands, the earth is under your feet.
What you command, takes place.
May you bless me with like and strength and health!
O Dark One, Thunderer, Chosen of Ra!
Strong One who destroys the serpent, Feared One!
O Set, powerful of magic in driving away enemies.
I revere you, Set, Lord of the Winds!
O Defender of the Netjeru throughout the sky and earth,
in the south, the north, the west, the east,
in each land, in each place
where your powerful voice thunders forth!
Heaven makes merry, the earth is filled with life
Set rejoices!
- Eternal Egypt


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